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What is an Invasive Weed?
Where do they thrive?
Why should I care?
What can I do?
Dirty dozen invaders of the Southwest
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Southwest Exotic Plant Mapping Program (SWEMP)

The Southwest Exotic Plant Mapping Program (SWEMP) is designed to develop a regional database of exotic plant distributions for the southwest (which consists of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado Plateau portions of Utah and Colorado). Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse (SWEPIC) The purpose of this project is to develop and distribute information on exotic plant species distributions, as well as to provide information on the status of exotic species distributions on the Colorado Plateau, and the greater southwest. This is accomplished through a network of collaborative partnerships that contribute to data collection, compilation, and distribution. To find out more about the U.S. Geological Survey's information on invasive weed species, go to
USGS Invasive Species